"Custom Web Site and Desktop Application Development"


Cybron provides Planning, Development, and Maintenance services for Custom Business Software based on Microsoft .NET technologies. [more…].

Windows .NET Desktop Applications We specialize in single point deployment Windows applications using shared data over existing internal networks. Third-party database servers are not required. However, our design allows for seamless integration existing servers and data sources. [more…].

ASP.NET Web Applications We use Microsoft ASP.NET in conjunction with SQL Server to create full featured e-Commerce web sites. Our proprietary content management libraries allow our clients to directly customize their content using a standard web browser. [more…].


Cost Analysis. We use proprietary software to determine the optimal set of features that meet your business needs. These tools allow us to compare feature set variations and provide almost immediate cost assessments. [more…]

Firm Bids. Given a sufficiently complete Project Specification, we can provide detailed proposals for development. [more…]

Minimal Risk. During Planning, we can provide updated documentation that will compose the final Project Specification. During Implementation, we provide regular releases of the build system and source code. What we produce is incremental, verifiable, and transferable. [more…]

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