"Custom Web Site and Desktop Application Development"

These articles are provided as a resource for Business Managers. It is our hope to illuminate the issues of software development. While these articles are likely influenced by our business interests, they are also candid. The terms used in these articles are consistent throughout the site. We provide detailed definitions for them here.

Outsourcing Issues and Pitfalls"

This article addresses common issues experienced with outsourcing software development. It also addresses ways to avoid, resolve, or manage them.

Typical Internal Project Scenario

This article details the typical development scenario of Software Projects for in-house Development Groups. It is based on the industry experience of the author.

The Issues of Software Development

This article addresses the general problems related to software development at an industry level. It also presents a candid view of the dynamics behind the problems.

Unlike “Outsourcing Issues and Pitfalls”, this article does not address solutions. This is because much of Cybron's business model involves proprietary methods and processes to address such problems.

Why Outsource Software Development?

This article lists the prominent benefits of OutsourcingSoftware Projects. It also addresses some common objections to Outsourcing. Finally, it provides detailed cost variance analysis between Outsourcing and internal development.

Why Outsource with Cybron?

This article explains how Cybron addresses the typical issues with Outsourcing.

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