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Cybron was founded in 1999 by Bruce A. Jones. Cybron's focus is software development. Specifically, it is focused on providing Software Project assessment, planning, and implementation services. Our goal is to be a resource to Business Managers who need to explore, and potentially contract the development of custom software solutions.

Bruce A. Jones

President and CEO

Bruce has been programming and developing software since first getting a hobby computer in the early 1980’s.

Bruce received a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science in the Spring of 1992. He was then hired as a Software Tester by Asymetrix (a Paul Allen company) and promoted to development within a few months. The following two years he worked exclusively on the ToolBook product.

In the Fall of 1994, he started contracting as a Software Developer at Microsoft. Within a few years Bruce was contracting through his own company. Bruce worked on various versions of "Encarta Encyclopedia", "Bookshelf", and the "Encarta Language Learning" products.

In the Fall of 1999, Bruce took accepted a position at Microsoft as a Software Development Engineer. Within a few months he was promoted to Development Lead. After a few years in management, Bruce returned to a Software Development position working on a large Client/Sever application within the Office Group. Bruce left Microsoft in the spring of 2005 to pursue other opportunities.

Throughout the eleven years at Microsoft, Bruce was constantly analyzing the development process. As a contractor, he was able to work on several different projects within a year. As an employee, he managed and participated in a variety of projects with varied timelines and cost constraints. On many occasions he worked with external development contractors and vendors. This allowed Bruce to observe a large number of diverse development processes at various levels of detail. It also allowed him to experiement with and affect changes to development processes.

Bruce’s recognized strengths were planning and scheduling, particularly during more fluid and ambiguous project cycles. From the beginning, he was perplexed by the inefficiencies of the standard development process, and the questionable value of the results, in relation to its cost. He was especially concerned at how reactively resistant the process was to even minor correction.

Eventually, Bruce concluded that the inefficiencies were not just systemic at Microsoft, but to the industry. Upon looking for a systemic solution, he realized that the problem was the industry itself, and that until industry dynamics change, no general solution could endure.

However, a less general solution was recognized. It would require adjustments which are systemically untenable by internal development teams. It would also require the ability to recognize and remedy the problems which are determental to software projects. It would require new planning, costing, and management tools specific to the paradigm.

Cybron's business model is based on the creation of the processes and tools needed to implement this solution. Our business structure, processes, procedures, and proprietary tools counter the dynamics which degrade software projects.

The end result is predictable scheduling, significant cost savings, and improved quality.

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